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"The thoughts of cheerfulness, joy and courage heal & soothe, instead of irritate, and immensely augment efficiency and multiply mental powers.

Be always cheerful, smile and laugh."

- Swami Sivananda


Sivananda Hatha Yoga

Do you feel intimidated to step inside a studio where everyone looks like they've got it all going on?

Come out to my all-levels classes where I offer ample demonstrations, verbal instruction, corrections, modifications, variations and descriptions of the benefits of each asana.

From the very beginner to the advanced you will feel at ease. Over the course of a few weeks, you will gradually build your practice, safely get in and out of each of the 12 asanas of the classical hatha yoga sequence.

Whether you're looking to try yoga for the first time or continue your yoga practice, I offer a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental environment where everyone is welcome. My classes are LGBTQ+ friendly as there is zero tolerance of any discriminatory behaviour by any attendees.

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Drop-in class, private or semi-private classes, small groups, and corporate group classes are available.....there is something available for everyone. 

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced yogi, you will leave my class feeling like you've had a great head-to-toe workout, building strength in each muscle of your body, but without the feeling of exhaustion. Rather you will leave feel relaxed and energized at the same time, and having the knowledge of all the benefits of the asanas.

Meditation is at the core of of all forms of a yoga practice. This knowledge dates back from ancient times and has been handed down from generation to generation through an unbroken lineage of teachers.

Asanas (steady postures) and pranayama (control of energy) are just two of the techniques used in hatha yoga.

Hatha yoga begins with gaining control of the physical body, whereby you can then gain control of the prana (energy) and ultimately control the mind.

Corporate Yoga

Is your team experiencing high stress levels and burnout?

These are REAL issues costing your organization thousands of dollars each year!

A customized office yoga program is an easy solution to help employees drastically reduce stress, boost morale & productivity, reduce staff turnover and absenteeism.

Lunch & learns, with a variety of topics to choose from, are a great way to provide your team with the tools they need today to help them be happier, healthier employees.

For every $1 invested in a corporate yoga program the company can expect $3 in savings!!!

Contact us directly for a FREE consultation to discuss your needs and what all we offer. Every client's package is tailored to meet your specific needs!

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a yoga practice that is for EVERYONE!!!! Those with limited mobility, who find it challenging to access the floor, as well as those in a small office spaces and/or do not have 1 hour to commit to an exercise program.

Clothing Optional Yoga

Love the skin you're in with a body positive experience in a safe and non-judgmental space for all! Do you have body image issues, struggle with being nude by yourself with the lights on or with other people? These classes are NOT sexual in nature, but rather are a safe space for you to relax, destress, and be comfortable being vulnerable.

Guided Meditation

Close your eyes. Envision the sun in your mind. “I can't see my sun because I've got too much crap in my mind!” That was my first thought at my first meditation session. I now can see my sun.

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My guided meditation sessions will help you to forget the past, present and future for even just a few minutes of your day, consciously relaxing and allowing your mind to gradually slow down.

Meditation allows you to see things as they are rather than as the distortions or illusions that your chaotic life can create.  If you build your practice to meditate for just 15 minutes every day then you will be able to face life with peace, love, happiness and spiritual strength.

Access Consciousness Bars

Did you know that your mind, just like your computer that gets bogged down over time with files, downloads, pictures, music, etc, needs to be defragged once in a while to clear out useless information to make space for new information?

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Over the course of your current and past lifetimes, your mind gathers and stores all the emotions, thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and beliefs that you've gathered and eventually your mind becomes so bogged down that you cannot think clearly, you're less aware, you feel like your mind hasn't rested in years, and you're functioning on auto-pilot instead of awareness.

The voice in your head starts to tell you that you're not good enough, that you're incapable of realizing the dreams you've always had and keeps you from believing that you can have the life you've always known is possible.

There are 32 points on your head that are directly connected to these thoughts, emotions, feelings, behaviours and beliefs. By lightly touching these points over the course of an hour, with the use of the energy in our bodies, I can help you rid yourself of the information in your mind that no longer serves you.

Be open to receiving the gift of an open and clear mind. Open up some space in your mind so you can feel more aware and refreshed, be more present in your life, and take on the world as you are meant to.

Worse case scenario is that you leave a session feeling like you've had a really good massage. Best case scenario is that you leave a session having a life-changing experience. What have you got to lose?

Would you like to become an Access Consciousness Bars practitioner? Give the gift of opening up space in peoples' minds. Sign up for one of my scheduled Bars classes or ask me to schedule a class that better suits your schedule.


Janaki, holistic practitioner

November 6, 2017 was the day my life changed forever. I refer to that day as my D day. It was the day my mind, body and soul gave up on me and was not going to let me continue living the life I was living.

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I was struggling with depression and anxiety, unbeknownst to anyone including myself. I was unhappy with my career and my life in general, I found myself seriously doubting my abilities as a professional, and I just kept spiraling down the rabbit hole as time went on.

That November day I had a nervous breakdown and severe panic attack in my office; my entire world was crashing down around me; I was failing to be the super mom, super wife, super boss and super friend that I tried so hard to be....I was losing control of everything in my life and no one knew it except for me... I felt so alone and frightened.

I am very grateful for that day as that was the day that I began to live again... with a lot of soul searching, questioning myself, honestly answering those questions and with a lot of therapy.

More than a year later my motto is to live every day to its fullest. I am a new person, living a new life, a happier life, a more fulfilling life. I see life through a different light. I am my 100% happy and authentic self, and every day I strive to be a better version of myself. I love myself, again!

I have since left my 20-year corporate career to pursue a career that is more spiritual and holistic in nature. I want to heal people’s minds, bodies and souls the same way that mine has been healed. I want to make an impact on people's lives on a spiritual and energy level.

Ananda Holistic

“Ananda Holistic” is born. Like the lotus flower rising up out of the mud and darkness, with all of its beauty, strength and grace, my passion rises up out of the darkness that once was to now shine brightly for all to see.

Bliss, joy, infinite happiness. These should be the words that describe you and your life. You deserve nothing less! I envision a society where we have compassion, empathy and love for one another and that starts with you... having love and compassion for yourself. Get back in touch with your authentic self, clear your mind, heal your mind, body and soul with what Ananda Holistic has to offer.


“I really feel relaxed and invigorated at the same time and I learned some things about my body. Great class, and I think you are a great teacher. I was a little worried about keeping up.”

Edward K.

“I've tried so many classes, but can never seem to find the right fit, so it's never been a valuable experience. For some reason your classes allow me to escape from the stress of my life and actually allow my mind to relax, so it's been quite refreshing.”

Amy G.

“I thought the class was great and I came away feeling hugely relaxed and invigorated! I liked that the poses and tempo of the class were entirely do-able. I felt encouraged and supported to push a little and my expectations were exceeded.  The atmosphere that you created was warm, welcoming and accepting. .” 

Kathleen P.

“The class actually exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed getting explanations and having positions demonstrated and the pace was great!”

Bernie O.


All-Levels Yoga Classes

Spring Session March 4th - May 2nd (9 weeks)

(All classes are on Zoom only)

  • Monday 12:00-1:00pm
  • Thursday 6:00-7:10pm (no classes March 7th & 14th)
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  • $18 - drop-in
  • $135 - 1 class a week (Mondays)
  • $105 - 1 class a week (Thursdays)
  • $210 - 2 classes a week

  • Paid in advance.
  • All fees include tax.
  • Join any time - all fees are pro-rated for the remainder of the session.

Maki House All-Levels Yoga Classes

Winter Session Jan 10th - Mar 27th (12 weeks)

  • Wednesday 9:00 - 10:00am (60 minutes)

  • 19 Leeming Drive, Ottawa (all classes are in-person only)

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  • $15 drop-in
  • $162.72 for all 12 weeks
  • All fees include tax.
  • Join any time - all fees are pro-rated for the remainder of the session.

Clothing Optional Yoga Class

  • 7:00 - 8:15pm (in-person & on Zoom)

  • January 21st

  • Feb 25th

  • March 24th

  • April 28th

Address and/or Zoom link will be provided once payment has been received.

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  • $25 - drop-in

> Paid in advance - please contact me for payment instructions.  

> Contact us directly for a list of the rules to attend.

Other Classes & Sessions

  • private 

  • small group 

  • corporate 

  • energy work

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  • Please contact us directly for a brief consultation as each of these are based on your individual needs.

Upcoming Special Events!

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Method of Payment
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Where to find us!

Some classes are held in-person, and most are virtual live-streamed, using Zoom.
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First month unlimited                        $40.00
One month unlimited                         $70.00
Three months unlimited                   $175.00
Six months unlimited                          $300.00
Tweleve months unlimited              $500.00

Booking and payment must be made in advance. No drop-ins available.